Right As Rain Chocolate Covered Strawberries

chocolate_strawberries_11_mfbSome days you just wake up miserable.  It’s not any one person’s fault or because of any specific reason.  Some days you just wake up and know that it is going to be a crappy day.

Maybe while you were sleeping the planets misaligned and caused a cosmic shift in the Universe upsetting the time balance of your psyche.   Maybe the right side of your brain and the left side of your brain had a fight in the middle of your REM cycle. Maybe you’re just tired, or feeling run down, or feeling overwhelmed.

strawberries_4_mfbAnyway you look at it, some days are just going to be like that.  Some days you’re going to need three hits of espresso instead of one, just to get motivated to get your butt to work.  Some days you’re going to give everyone around you the “stink eye” whether they deserve it or not.  Some days you’re going to want to rip out the vocal chords of the person across the room whose voice reminds you of nails on a chalkboard.


The gloom will flow through your veins like life-blood. You will walk around all day like there’s a storm cloud hovering over your head.  You will see everything in shades of red and black.

And then someone will give you some chocolate, and the world will be right as rain once again.



Chocolate Covered Strawberries (*Gluten Free)

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Yield: 20 - 24

A delicious treat that is not too complicated to make. These are wonderful when used to decorate the top of a layer cake.


  • 20 - 24 fresh strawberries
  • 8 - 10 ounces milk or dark chocolate, finely chopped, or about 2 cups melting wafers
  • 3 ounces white chocolate, finely chopped, or about 1/2 cup melting wafers


In the top of a double boiler, melt the milk or dark chocolate. (See instructions for tempering chocolate here.) Lightly grip the leaves of the strawberry and dip each berry into the melted chocolate and shake off any excess chocolate. Place on a parchment lined baking sheet to harden.

Place the white chocolate in a small bowl and microwave on high for 30 seconds. Stir. Microwave for another 25 seconds. Stir. The chocolate should be almost completely melted and it should melt completely by gently stirring. If you need to microwave it again, do so in 10 second intervals. White chocolate will burn easily, so do not overheat.

Pour the melted white chocolate into the corner a small Ziploc bag and twist the bag closed. Cut off the tip of the bag and drizzle the white chocolate over the strawberries. Let sit at room temperature until hardened.


Original Recipe by My Friend's Bakery 2013


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